Interview: Remember Me by Vida Li Sik

Last year, I had the pleasure of beta reading Vida Li Sik’s latest sweet romance novella, “Remember Me”. It’s an emotional story about a young love cut short by interfering family.

While the romance was adorable, it was the protagonist’s dynamic with her mother that really intrigued me. Vida wrote such a great, intense “villain”, I just had to find out more about the inspiration for this book. Here’s the interview…

Vida, tell us a bit about yourself.

VIDA LI SIK: I am a content creator, who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the only female in a household of men (my husband and two sons). I’d rather read books, than clean or cook, and I’m a long-suffering sports fan.

What sparked the idea for “Remember Me”?

VIDA: I was intrigued by the idea whether a young couple’s love could survive family interference, and that’s how Marc and Emma’s story came to life.

Was anything in this book inspired by your real life experiences?

VIDA: Luckily, nothing as hectic as what my two main characters experience. I have, however, seen firsthand the impact of when parents or family don’t approve of their children’s love choices, and the heartache it causes.

They say villains are more interesting that heroes, so let’s talk about Emma’s mother. What was it like getting into her head and writing her so convincingly?

VIDA: There’s a proverb that says “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, or I guess a more modern-day phrase is that “hurt people hurt people”.

Instead of accepting responsibility and healing from her own pain in the past, Emma’s mother acts out, with disastrous effects. I see this kind of behaviour every day and didn’t have to do too much research. [wink]. I ended up not liking her very much, which made me think that it would be interesting to write her “redemption” story in a follow-up book.

Character growth is always an amazing journey. Speaking of which, what’s your take on Emma’s growth?

VIDA: She goes from being someone who works hard to be loved, to blossoming under the unconditional love of Marc who has waited in the wings all along. Her new-found confidence is tested when she has to make a tough choice.

Marc, on the other hand, plays an interesting foil-of-sorts to both Emma and her mother. He gives off quite a “cinnamon roll” vibe throughout the entire story…

VIDA: He’s just the kind of guy who often gets overlooked. Sometimes the best things in life are right at our feet.

I try to write characters that I could fall in love with for one reason or the other [chuckle]. I also prefer to focus on the struggles that a person would encounter based on their birth-order in their families (for example, an eldest, middle, or youngest child). I’ve discovered that I love writing about people who need second chances in life.

What was your favourite part about writing this book?

VIDA: Remembering the angst that goes with getting ready for the school prom (we call it a matric dance), and the joy and excitement of your first love.

Finally, what’s one thing you’d like readers to know about this book?

VIDA: That you never forget your first love, no matter how it ends.

Remember Me — One decision. Will their love survive?

One decision. Will their love survive?

Emma waited two years for Marc to see her as more than just a friend. Now she is free from a disastrous relationship with the school’s star player, and she has his full attention.

Marc has played the role of good friend for long enough. He let Emma slip out of his hands once before. He won’t let that happen again. As the end of their final school year edges closer, they make the most of every opportunity to be together.

But her mother is dead-set against their relationship, and Emma must make a choice.

What will she decide?

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About the Author

Vida Li Sik is a wife, mother, award-winning journalist and multi-genre author. She grew up in a small town, Nigel, in sunny South Africa, and now lives with her family in Johannesburg, the City of Gold. She has no pets and has yet to find a weird and wonderful hobby. In the meantime, she loves to write about people, real ones and imagined.