Halfway is a milestone

I can’t believe it’s been two years since The Guy from the Flower Shop first released. Or, to be honest, that I’ve released three more books since then. When I started this sweet romance journey, I wasn’t sure how many stories I had in me, but all these ideas began to take shape as the months went by.

Now it seems I’ve reached the half-way point of the project I’ve set out for myself. I guess from that you can infer there are four more Somerville books planned, a mix of Somerville Downs and Somerville Stories releases.

I probably shouldn’t say too much at this stage, because the creative process has already turned up a handful of small changes I wasn’t expecting. But at the moment, here’s what the rest of the adventure looks like:

The Guy from the Wedding
A workplace romance between a Perthie working in a family business and the out-of-towner she can’t seem to get away from. There are weddings and misunderstandings and I’m going to do my level best to give you better character descriptions in this book.

The Guy from the Bakery
I feel like I’m supposed to call this a “diverse romance” or “Asian romance”, which seems weird to me because I’m Asian, so would that just make it a “romance” from my perspective? 😅 Anyway, there are baked goods involved.

The Guy from the Resort
I’ve been concepting this story since 2019, long before I imagined it might one day be a book in its own right. At the time, it was only meant to be a short second-chance romance, but ideas often take on a life of their own. This book opens on a setting inspired by a real-life beach resort in Bali, Indonesia.

The Guy from the Airport
When I close my eyes, I can feel the vibe of this book. But that’s all it is at the moment, just a handful of feelings loosely connected together. I know I’m having trouble seeing it clearly because I’m still holding the aforementioned books in my head, but once they’re properly down on paper, the haze will clear and this Somerville Story will land.

Thank you for joining me on this journey so far. I hope you’ve liked the books you’ve read, and that the upcoming titles will scratch that romantic itch. More news to come as the months pass.