Short stories, long stories, but all sweet and wholesome romance. This is the perfect time to follow a few new authors and grab a fresh batch of stories. Check out the giveaway bundle on StoryOrigin.

A lot of interesting coincidences have popped up in recent years. Getting to the end of Marvel’s first batch of movies, reading about pop culture becoming an oligopoly, picking up more indie romance reads, a friend inviting me to a film festival. It’s like the algorithm of life is curating me towards a greater appreciation for independently created art.

Over the years, my love for indie publishing has grown and grown. Where the big corporate end of the publishing world adheres to staunch processes, channels, conventions and commercial norms, millions of creative minds beyond the well-kept gates are making art.

If you’d like a taste of my art — a short and sweet contemporary Australian suburban romance about a bookworm and a librarian — you’ll find it alongside other lovey-dovey titles in the giveaway bundle.

A puppy surrounded by native Australian foliage on the cover of The Guy from the Library by Birdie Song

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