About Me

Graphical illustration of a person with brown medium-length hair wearing glasses, a yellow scarf and a blue dress

Birdie Song is an Asian-Australian writer. She pens sweet stories featuring hopeful characters and optimistic endings (spoiler alert!).

She believes love is more important than labels, integrity is a person’s most attractive quality, and that no one should be judged for putting pineapple on a pizza.

But you probably already knew that, so here are 10 random facts:

  1. I live in Perth, Western Australia on Whadjuk-Noongar country.
  2. I take my beverages dairy-free.
  3. I like visiting dogs, but prefer living with cats.
  4. I believe Australia should #ChangeTheDate.
  5. I was a design, web and IT person in a previous career.
  6. I often wear clothes until they fall apart. Shopping isn’t my idea of fun.
  7. I am not on Facebook or Instagram.
  8. I am fluent in only one language, despite being raised with five. (My great shame!)
  9. I have experienced insta-love — it does exist!
  10. I LOVE pineapple on my pizza.

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