Welcome to my new site

Yeah okay, it looks a lot like my old site. But it’s really different under the hood — honest!

I’ve moved from the old Blogger platform to a shiny new WordPress platform. As much as I was tickled by wrangling Blogger into shape, it just involved so much effort just to do a tiny thing.

Not that moving this site across was pain-free. In fact, I’ve had to do it twice, as I was getting some complicated technical errors this morning, and though the only way to fix them was to delete all my work and start over. Lesson learned: do this as a last resort, not a first one! (You can see why I gave up my IT career.)

Anyway, so here we are, running smoothly (I hope) on WordPress. What this means is you can now follow me on WordPress Reader as well as with RSS/Atom or on Twitter.

EDIT: Check my about page for up-to-date info on how to follow my blog.

What’s going to happen to the old blog?

I plan to save a handful of posts on this site, then delete what’s left. So, if you’re still visiting me using the old blogspot domain, please update your bookmarks as that site will be disappearing at some point.