The last time I had writer’s block

In highschool, I was a prolific writer. It seemed like poems and stories would just fall out of me constantly. I didn’t carry a pen and notebook like other writers I knew of back then. Just that when I had the tools in front of me, words would simply flow.

Upon reflection, I wonder if that came from growing up in an environment where self-expression was at best tolerated — and at worst, punished. If words were birds, there was a whole flock inside me that wanted to fly.

And then, shortly after graduation, everything just came to a stop. I couldn’t write. I had few ideas and even fewer things I actually felt invested in writing. That lasted for about sixteen years.

During that time, I dabbled in other pursuits. I learned to code professionally, took up anime style drawing, committed to a whole career, wrote non-fiction, and put some effort into growing up.

Then one day, I thought I’d have a go at reconnecting with fiction and creative writing. It was slow, easily took 2–3 years to get back on the horse. But once I found my stride, it felt like I found myself again.

My advice to anyone dealing with writer’s block is to be patient. Remove any and all sources of pressure until you’re ready to tackle them head-on. Go out into the world and learn interesting things that can fuel your creativity. You’ll find your way back one day. And if you don’t, it’ll be because you’ve found something else you love doing more.