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So Am I — Ava Max

30 November 2022 | I adore this song at the moment. The lyrics share the wonderful message of accepting your own weirdness and connecting with people whose weirdness matches yours.

The Best Bit: Don’t Call Me Cupcake by Tara Sheets

5 October 2022 | I was in the mood for something sweet when this book popped up in my recommendations. I don’t even remember where I saw it, but something about the title had me adding this to my TBR without a second thought.

The last time I had writer’s block

28 September 2022 | In highschool, I was a prolific writer. It seemed like poems and stories would just fall out of me constantly. I didn’t carry a pen and notebook like other writers I knew of back then. Just that when I had the tools in front of me, words would simply flow.

There’s nothing routine about how I write

7 September 2022 | I don’t have a writing routine. I’m almost sad to admit this, as I think it would be lovely to have one. My personal process is very chaotic, and I envy writers who can sit down and bang out scenes like nobody’s business. Even trying the method imparted to every new writer (“draft first, edit later”) seems to yield little success.

As time goes by

27 July 2022 | It’s a heck of a thing to watch your parents get older. For many of my friends, they chart the passage of time by how fast their kids grow up. But for me, it’s my folks. They can be pretty dynamic people when they want to be — Dad with his hobby obsessions and Mum with her ever-evolving reflections on life and the world.

How the Wedding draft is going

29 June 2022 | Is it silly that I’ve started writing the second draft of “Wedding” by hand? I’m just so in love with my fountain pen and dip pens and ink at the moment that I just can’t help it.

The Best Bit: Night and Day by Enni Amanda

25 May 2022 | I don’t normally post about steamy books on this blog, but Enni Amanda’s latest novel, Night and Day had this delightful pick-me-up quality about it that I just had to share with you. The development of both characters and their romantic relationship was such a vibe, but not in that fantastic bombastic way you’d expect to see in, say, a Hollywood rom-com.

Halfway is a milestone

18 May 2022 | I can’t believe it’s been two years since The Guy from the Flower Shop first released. Or, to be honest, that I’ve released three more books since then. When I started this sweet romance journey, I wasn’t sure how many stories I had in me, but all these ideas began to take shape as the months went by.

The Best Bit: Just Another Stupid Boy by J. Leigh James

20 April 2022 | I can’t put my finger on why J. Leigh James has been on my “authors I must check out” list for so long. When I first added her name on there, I had no concept of her work, nor had I heard from her save for stumbling upon her byline once or twice. Perhaps I’m just a character in another writer’s story, and they’ve decided to have me check out her work because it moves some plot along.

A little old-school flair (aka. my new guestbook)

13 April 2022 | Lately, I’ve been reminiscing about what websites were like in the days before blogging. It wasn’t “the dark ages”, though you could be forgiven for thinking so given how many things pop and flash and bubble and bounce across social media these days.