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Book Feature + Giveaway: Honey Moon Murder by Dahlia Donovan

14 February 2024 | As August winds down, George Sheth and Murphy Baird are ready to put months of murder mysteries behind them. They hope for calmer days as they move in together. But it’s all for nought when his pug, Bumble, stumbles on the body of a new bride in the middle of the lane.

The One That Got Away — Katy Perry (cover)

31 January 2024 | While I do like Katy Perry’s original hit, this is one of those songs where the slower, dreamier cover pulls my heartstrings a little more. I especially love the lyric change from something boozy to something cosy.

Birdie Song's Newsletter: Reading is self-care

2 December 2023 | Affordable sources of ebooks do exist. You just can’t stumble upon them while ordering your koala tea and kangaroo biscuits. Instead, you find them through other booklovers who love to share a good find.

Birdie Song's Newsletter: A flour-free chocolate mug cake

2 November 2023 | Please enjoy this flour-free microwave chocolate cake that fits in your coffee mug. The Guy from the Internet will be just 99c on Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books for the next couple of weeks.

Musings from the garden

25 October 2023 | We planted kangaroo paws in our garden towards the end of winter. Don’t freak out now — kangaroo paw is a type of native Australian flower. We did not leave any muscular marsupials hopping around our hinterlands without hands!!