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Random writing update

3 May 2023 | Things have changed a bit in the three years since chatting with D.V. Stone about my work desk. I no longer have three work desks, but one official workspace that doesn't need to be repurposed for storage every few months.

Book Feature + Giveaway: Falling For You by Libby Kay

22 March 2023 | CeCe LaRue knows what she wants in life, and in the kitchen, and that’s control. She doesn’t have time for distractions—from her past or present. But that doesn’t mean a certain bright-eyed coworker hasn’t captured her heart.

Backstory: The Guy from the Park

8 March 2023 | Perth summers are pretty special. For starters, they are HOT and flip-flop between hot-dry and hot-humid. We've even had freak hailstorms come out of nowhere on sweltering days. But for the most part, our warm season is quite lovely.

A federated blog

25 February 2023 | If I've done everything correctly, you should now be able to find and follow this blog using ActivityPub platforms like Mastodon, Friendica, Misskey and other such sites.

Visiting Seelie Kay

22 February 2023 | Earlier this month, I visited Seelie Kay's blog to talk about The Guy from the Park and pressing thoughts on books and writing today., Read the whole interview